Lahti Region Mechatronics Cluster - The most significant
industrial cluster in the Lahti region

Machinery, metal, and electronics industries, together with their interest groups, form the foundation of the mechatronics cluster. The mechatronics cluster combines the traditional metal and engineering industries with expertise in modern ICT and electronics, producing what could be termed as intelligent hardware.

Measured by turnover, personnel or number of businesses, the mechatronics cluster is the most significant industrial cluster in the Lahti region. Approximately 700 companies currently operate within the cluster, the cluster's combined turnover is about EUR 1.5 billion, and it employs around 7 200 people.

The Cluster sees the mechatronics sector growing as a highly networked, internationalised and innovative branch of an expert industry that utilizes the newest technology.

What is a cluster? A cluster includes businesses that operate in different branches of industry but whose products or production systems either utilize similar technological solutions or complement each other in one way or another. In a properly functioning cluster, cluster businesses are in constant interaction.