Lahti Region Mechatronics Cluster - The most significant
industrial cluster in the Lahti region

The Lahti region mechatronics cluster consists of companies in the metal, mechanical and electronics industries and their stakeholders. The combination of traditional metal and mechanical engineering expertise and modern ICT and electronics competence results in “intelligent hardware”.

In terms of turnover and the number of employees and companies, the mechatronics cluster is the most significant industrial cluster in the Lahti region. In the cluster, there are approximately 700 companies with a turnover of approximately EUR 1.3 million and about 7,100 employees.

The cluster’s vision is to develop and strengthen its business in the Lahti region, which is based on the utilisation of cutting edge technology and high-quality expertise, in order to become even more networked, international and innovative.

What is a cluster? In economics, a cluster is a geographic concentration of companies and communities formed around certain business activities and other related parties that have an impact on competition. (Source: Wikipedia (in Finnish))