Lahti Mechatronics Network

is a network that consists of active companies in the Lahti region mechatronics cluster. It began its operations in 2000 and, currently, it consists of over twenty operators.

The Lahti Mechatronics Network distributes information about and provides a discussion forum for the following topics:

• different production methods
• processing different materials
• utilising digitalisation in design and production

The discussion of these topics focuses on sharing expertise, such as experiences and new/developed methods, rather than company presentations.

Management Group


The Lahti Region Mechatronics Network and the Mechatronics Cluster are both directed by a Management Group formed of the members of the Lahti Mechatronics Network each year. The Chairperson and the Vice Chairperson are elected every second year from among the representatives of the LMN member companies.

Management Group Members 2017-2018

Mr. Jari Kukkonen  |  Production Software Oy

Mr. Vesa Kataja  |  CCustom Oy
Mr. Heino Jukarainen  |  Design Heino Jukarainen 


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